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We’re changing our look…

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Ever since 1947, Hearn’s Coaches has always strived to be a market leader within ground transportation and coach hire. We felt that it was necessary to give the company a slightly more modern look in order to reflect our contemporary approach and our investment in to the future. To this extent, we are changing our image over the next few years which includes the implementation of a brand new logo for 2016.

New Hearn's Logo

The new Hearn’s Logo follows in a very similar style to its predecessor but with a modern twist. We wanted to make it possible to use the ‘H’ as a standalone logo for the occasion where the full logo was not necessary. To do this, it has been designed to look like a junction/slip road. It is also supposed to play a subtle homage to founder Ron Hearn and the aim was to make part of the ‘H’ resemble a lowercase letter ‘r’. The gold lettering and black drop shadow is to remain constant with the old logo but the typeface has been updated to a more modern font. The ‘tick’ apostrophe signifies our commitment to providing only the best quality coach hire possible to all of our customers, hence giving them another thing to check off their list.

However, it is not just a new logo. The rest of our brand image will be reflected in many other aspects of the company and will be rolled out over the coming months. Our new vehicles, due to arrive in May, will have an enhanced look which includes the new logo as well. We hope you like it!

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