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Satellite Tracking introduced across the Fleet

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Hearn’s have partnered with Fleetmatics, the worlds leading telematics solutions provider, to provide vehicle tracking for the majority of our fleet. This is a major step for the company, which will greatly help to enhance customer service, improve passenger safety and protect the environment by cutting down on wasted emissions.

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Fleetmatics provides around 30,000 global customers with real time information using GPS ‘black box’ recording devices – giving insights in to vehicle location, fuel usage, speed & mileage. They are considered the market leader for fleet telematics solutions and we are very excited at the prospects of the technology.

For our company, the benefits that most appealed to us centered around the opportunities to improve both passenger safety and customer service. In this respect, we are able to use a live map in our operations office to check on the status of a vehicle and its whereabouts. This should enable better client communication and, using the live traffic analysis installed in the system, reduce any delays that may occur. Further, through the analysis of driving performance, we can ensure that all safety standards are adhered to and that vehicles are driven in the correct manner.

Further, in a more environmentally aware world, we think it is very important to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint – something this tracking system will almost certainly help us in doing with a view to reduce ‘engine on’ idling.

Learn more about Fleetmatics here.

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